Friday, October 6, 2017

NMS-North Future Plans

2001 Ferrari at Auction, Michael Schumacher Not Included

At the NMS-North World Headquarters near Pungo Virginia, team spokesman and lead Italian car driver (he drives an Italian car, not that he is Italian, although he eats a lot of spaghetti and makes his own pasta, but since the car was built in Mexico, he likes tacos too) Bob Nixon announced that NMS-North would soon relocate to even farther north to New York. When asked if this move had anything to do with rooting for the Yankees in the playoffs, the Ohio born drivers said "no". When pressed for more information, he did hint that the NMS-North team would be looking into purchasing a new car for autocross.

What car might that be? Well, the new Miata is a nice car, and the new FIAT version of the Miata that is built in Japan is nice too, but rumors are that NMS-North is considering a shift to a German made car that rhymes with "Porsche Cayman." When asked if this rumor was true, Nixon stated that the other top choice was the Formula 1 Ferrari driven by Michael Schumacher in 2001, since it will be up for auction in New York in November. Ferrari Auction

One of the reporters pointed out that pre-auction estimates  RM-Sothebys Auction  are that this car, which won the Hungarian and Monaco Grand Prix races in 2001 and helped Ferrari win the title would go for $4,000,000, but Nixon stated "no comment." Buyers of Ferrari Formula 1 cars can choose to have the car maintained at Ferrari in Italy, and drive the cars on tracks throughout the world, with all prep work taken care of by Ferrari. NMS has indicated that if you have to ask  how much these types of things cost, then you really can't afford it, but it's nice to have a dream! Ferrari F1 Clienti

Will we see NMS autocrossing the Ferrari Formula 1 car next year? Will the FIAT Abarth autocross on Long Island? Will NMS really consider buying a German car to go with their other "WWII" losers club of autos from Japan and Italy? Will we ever answer any questions on the blog?

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