Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October Rallycross Report

Sunday the 1972 Datsun B210 was finally turning some serious laps at rallycross, and I even got to drive!
Dirtie Dirtsun, decked out with tons of painters tape.

The team replaced the destroyed radiator from last month and had the car ready to roll Sunday morning for SCR's October event.  I'm happy to report the car survived (mostly) all four drivers and their eight runs each.
We made the antenna more "arrow"-dynamic

I managed to wheel the little hatchback consistently faster than the rest of the team, but managed to pick up enough cones to drop to second fastest overall when all the penalties were tallied up. The car handled great and was a complete riot to drive.
Tearing it up on course.

Congrats to Matt for pulling down the overall fastest cumulative time in the car!  Also a massive thanks to Justin, Shellie, and Matt (Team Rising Dirtsun) and Greg who pitched in for getting the radiator replaced and out to the event.
A mess of painters tape, rust, and a car in there somewhere.

Three drivers in a Crown Victoria managed to beat us in the Modified Rear-wheel Drive class (MR).  It was hard to keep up with the V8 power of the big Ford boat. The event revealed the shocks on Dirtie are utterly dead and are up next on our replacement list to hopefully close that gap to the top of the field.
Matt almost jumps the car coming out of the one bad rut on course.

In other updates, I've picked up a really good deal on a used steering wheel and quick-disconnect setup for the Miata as part of the winter safety upgrade plan.  So far the hard top, harness bar, and steering wheel setup are on-hand.  In November I'm looking forward to a return to Discovery Parts in Atlanta to help Jason pick up a driving suit and I'll decide on seats and harnesses that fit best.
Sparco steering wheel, NRG quick release.

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