Sunday, July 16, 2017

Scenes From an Autocross

July 16th was the monthly autocross competition with the local Tidewater Sports Car Club TSCC. Believe it or not, it was kind of hot! Early in the morning we also had some dark clouds, so the shade was nice, and it didn't rain. With two run groups, the competition went from about 9:45 in the morning to just past 2pm, so overall a bit shorter than most events. Given the heat, that was fine with me, and everyone still got five runs on the course. While we're waiting for the results to be posted later this week, here's a look at some of the sights, and a video of my fastest run, so you can see what kind of layout we drove at Pungo this time.

See, I told you it was dark and cloudy!

I always liked the Ford Probe GT 

Yes, you can autocross a Ford Ranger!

Yes, you can build your own Factory Five kit car!

Is this a Mustang GT? "NOTTA GT"

Course Walk

Timing and Scoring control headquarters

Drivers meeting


How to drive and steer a kart without sitting down

More Mustang

1969 Camaro

Numbers and class


Classic Honda


More Porsche

Run group 2 in grid

Corvette gunning for fastest time of the day

Launching the Porsche 914

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