Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Night with a Coronet

Tonight we knocked out a few more items on the big Coronet to-do list. 

Not the prettiest setup, but it works!

First up, I added a little vinyl on the corners of the trunk lid and some felt adhesive pads on the metal tabs that hold the top of the trunk in place to prevent the paint from scratching when it's taken on and off. 
Front end back together!

Secondly, we re-installed the front grill, now with the cool black metal mesh to prevent other hap-haphazardly attached Lemons car parts from finding their way into our radiator. 
Getting those new bolts in there.

Up next we replace the camber bolts on the front driver side suspension.  These are two bolts on each side of the car that have an offset washer on them that allow the bolts to be tightened down at different angles to adjust the car's alignment settings. 
This washer was spinning around on the car and causing the car to pull hard to the left under braking.

These washers should have a D shape hole to fit a D shaped portion of the bolt so that it holds the position.  Unfortunately, as we found out on track in May, ours have rounded out and were completely useless. 
New wheels!

While we were adjusting the suspension we test-fit our new-to-us wheels.  Pretty classy!
Rolling out for the night.

Nice to start seeing the car come back together!  Later this week we'll spend some time dialing in the alignment and seeing if we can tweak the corner-balancing. 

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