Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NMS October and November Preview


As we head into the final two months of autocross for 2016, here's a quick view at what the NMS team has on the schedule in October and November. Don't forget that coming up on the 4th Thursday of November is our newly proposed National Holiday that we call "National Thanks for Racing Day"! We're hoping this really catches on as a day off, with families getting together to celebrate racing by eating turkey and pumpkin pie. Hey, it's an idea whose time has come!

Black Lake: It's BIG!

October kicks off this way: Brian and the South Carolina Region will be returning to Freestyle Music Park and Myrtle Beach SC on the 1st, so they anticipate a good turn out close to the ocean. Also on the first, Robert will be at the Virginia Beach Cars and Coffee, just to spend some quality time hanging out with some other car people. Then on the 16th the SCR folks will fire up their 2nd Rally Cross event of the year, so we will be reporting on that "autocross in the dirt" also. The Virginia part of NMS will be autocrossing on the 16th, so both NMS drivers will be in action that day. SCR then heads to the biggest baddest black top we know with another autocross event at the Michelin Proving Grounds near Laurens SC. This lot is so large that drivers call it the Black Lake!

Pungo Driver Meeting

In  November, both NMS cars will also be busy on the 5th, Brian with the "War at the Shore II" in Georgia, and Robert driving at the "Track Attack" in North Carolina. The SCR will combine with the Buccaneer Region folks in Savannah, so Brian and the NMS Miata will be looking at some tough competition with two SCCA regions fighting at the same event. Robert and the NMS Abarth will be doing more of a one lap track event as the Tidewater Sports Car Club steps on the gas for a non-traditional type of autocross event. The Track Attack does not count for the season long points competition, but will be a fun day of motoring.


TSCC will then wrap up their 2016 season with a standard autocross at Pungo VA (which we like to call the "Auto-crossing Capital of the World") on November 20th. Robert will be going for a solid PAX time to help improve his club standing, which is currently 6th, but he's under heavy pressure from a lot of really fast drivers. His goal is to finish the year in the top 20, which would be an improvement over last year's 29th place.

Brian at Charlotte Motor Speedway

NMS is in negotiations with a major sponsor regarding driving on the big banked track at Charlotte Motor Speedway on the day after "National Thanks for Racing Day", so stay tuned for a major announcement on this topic. Regardless, you should plan to be at CMS on that Friday and take advantage of the NASCAR teams end-of-season-blowout on their merchandise. This is an annual event, and always fun to do! If you buy enough stuff, or donate to their charity, the CMS folks will let you drive YOUR CAR on the TRACK!


1         SCR Points Event #8,  Freestyle Music Park, Myrtle Beach, SC   SCR
1         Cars and Coffee, Virginia Beach, VA
2         ODR Autocross #7    at Pungo          ODR   
16       SCR Rally Cross #2    SCR RallyCross
16       TSCC Autocross # 8 at Pungo   TSCC
16       Richmond International Raceway Charity Track Laps    RIR Track Laps
22       SCR Points Event #9,    Michelin Proving Grounds, Laurens SC   SCR

5         SCR "War at the Shore" (with Buccaneer Region), Roebling Road, Savannah GA  SCR
5         TSCC Fall "Track Attack" at Academi, new date thanks to storm Hermine  TSCC Track Attack
6         ODR Autocross #8    at Pungo     ODR
20       TSCC Autocross #9 at Pungo    TSCC
24       *National Thanks for Racing Day!
25       Charity Laps at Charlotte Motor Speedway, NASCAR souvenir sales

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