Friday, September 9, 2016

Auto Auction Time Again!

We hope that you enjoyed reading about the Conevore t-shirt that Brian designed! As I'm writing and posting this on Friday morning, Brian is also about to drive at the SCCA National Championships in Lincoln Nebraska, so you can still check the webcast and see live timing, with the links from the SCCA home web page:   SCCA

He and Jason Rucker are driving the NMS Miata in ES class, so when you get to the Timing System page that lists all the many classes, just click on the ES and you'll get a screen with timings from all 55 drivers in their class. After day 1 the guys were in the middle of the pack, so they'll be trying to move up today on the WEST COURSE in Lincoln. There should be video links to both the EAST and WEST courses.

Back at NMS-North, we're looking forward to some more automotive adventures and cool car spotting in San Diego and Los Angeles this week while we're out here on the west coast. Look for some photos from the Petersen Automotive Museum, and a Carlsbad Cars and Coffee report next week. Then, coming up on September 14th, is the next impound auto auction at the Norfolk Naval Base. You can get all the info on this auction, and see a photo of each vehicle at this link: Auction LINK

You might remember that at their last quarterly auction that NMS brought home this little car:

2000 Mustang V6
Unfortunately, due to a busy work schedule, travel, and going to school since then, I've had little time to work on it, so the Mustang is still sitting in the NMS stable. We've verified that the car has gas, it has spark, and the motor cranks but doesn't turn over yet, so we've narrowed it down a bit. The old battery was really dead, so a couple minutes and a few dollars at Pick-N-Pull have us with plenty of battery power now, so that's a start.

Here's the list of cars at the auction, and my estimated selling price, based only on the photos on the website.  We'll check back later and see how close (or far off) my estimates came to the auction selling price.

The pair of 1983 Pontiac Firebirds might be awesome if you're looking for some cool muscle cars! Beyond that, my pick for top prices is the blue Dodge Dakota pickup in the truck category, and the two 2006 Cadillacs will probably go for the highest bids for the cars.

BLACK         1983 PONTIAC FIREBIRD  $1000
BROWN        1983 FORD F100   $900
BLUE             1986 PONTIAC  FIREBIRD   $900
RED               1989 CHEVROLET GEO  TRACKER   $125
GREY            1991 HONDA  ACCORD   $250
BLACK         1993 SATURN    $300
BLACK         1994 NISSAN SENTRA  $400
BLACK          1997 SAAB  900   $200
LT BLUE        1998  FORD  RANGER   $1000
BLACK          1998  ISUZU  TROOPER  $800
BLUE             1998 SATURN   $500
SILVER          1999 MITSUBISHI   ECLIPSE  $800
WHITE           2000 CADILLAC   DEVILLE  $1200
SILVER          2000 AUDI  A6  $2000
BLUE              2001 DODGE  DAKOTA  $2200
SILVER           2001 NISSAN MAXIMA   $1300
BLUE             2002 FORD F-150   $2000
RED                 2002 NISSAN SENTRA  $400
SILVER            2002 MAZDA B3000  $2200
RED                 2002 FORD ESCAPE   $1500
GREEN            2002 LAND ROVER DISCOVERY  $1400
GREY               2003 CHEVROLET MALIBU  $2000
BLACK           2003 VW GOLF  $1200
RED                  2003 OLDSMOBILE ALERO  $1000
RED                2004 ACURA RSX  $3000
BLUE               2005 CHEVROLET IMPALA  $2000
GREY               2006 MITSUBISHI   ECLIPSE  $1200
BLACK            2006 CADILLAC DTS  $4000
SILVER            2006 CADILLAC CTS   $4000
BLACK         2007 FORD 500   $900
GOLD              2008 TOYOTA SIENNA  $2000
BURGUNDY   2010 KIA FORTE   $3000
BLACK            2012 HYUNDAI ELANTRA   $3000

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  1. Sorry we weren't able to follow up on the actual auction sales. You might be able to find out what they sold for from the auction company, Gene Daniels Auctions.


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