Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Coneavore" Now For Sale!

As of TODAY, for two days only, you can buy Brian's "Coneavore" design as a t-shirt (or in other cool formats) from our friends at Blipshift!  Go! Now! Check it out!

JUST an awesome t-shirt not enough?  Blipshift will throw in 50% off Grassroots Motorsports magazine with every Coneavore shirt ordered!

Blipshift is a company that makes all kinds of cool gear-head t-shirts and publishes cool designs by artists from all over the world.  

Grassroots Motorsports is a top choice with Nixon Motor Sports.  They cover all kinds of low-buck and amateur motorsports and provide great how-to articles and information to help give all of us lots of bad ideas about how to spend small amounts of money on big amounts of car fun. 

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  1. We found out that Blipshift sold about 300 of Brian's CONEAVORE design t-shirts, thanks!


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