Thursday, January 21, 2016

Would You Buy A Used Car From Jerry Seinfeld?

Brian is currently attending the national convention of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) out in some hick town called Las Vegas Nevada, so the rest of us are here in the East waiting on the next snow storm or blizzard or apocalypse or zombie attack or heaven forbid Presidential Debate.

But car wise, this little tidbit of info that Jerry Seinfeld will be selling just a few 1950s Porsches from his collection caught my eye. Would you buy a used car from him? If so, then now is your chance! Jerry is selling a few cars from his collection at an upcoming auction, and according to this article WSJ LINK in the Wall Street Journal,

The auction will be held by Gooding and Company at Amelia Island in Floriday on March 11th. So if you have a few million and either love cool old Porsches or Jerry Seinfeld's cars (or both), check out this link: Gooding and Company LINK

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