Monday, January 25, 2016

TSCC Karting Series Kick-Off!

Brian Karting at a previous event (outdoors!)
Tuesday January 26th will be the first race in the Tidewater Sports Car Club's Kart racing series for this winter, so even though it's cold outside, the indoor karting season is about to heat up! This race series will take place every Tuesday night for six weeks at G-Force Karts G-Force in Portsmouth VA. For drivers that compete in at least 4 of the 6 events, points will be awarded to determine the overall kart champ. I'm hoping that my schedule will allow me to make most of the events, maybe even all six. For more details on the TSCC, the kart series, or the upcoming autocross season schedule, check out more info on their web page: TSCC Karting LINK

Besides having fun driving a kart (did I mention that this is indoors?), this should be a good chance to also try mounting the Go-Pro camera on my helmet for some track level video. I'll test that out on Tuesday, so more to follow on that. Like most driving competitions, my goal will be to not be LAST, since there are just too many good drivers out there to expect to win anything. Each week's racing will have a couple of qualifying races, and then the fastest times from those will determine poll position and the rest of the grid for the main race for that evening's points. The organizers ask drivers to be there at 6:30PM to make sure everyone is signed up, and then driving starts at 7PM. For only $30 bucks, it sounds like a bargain to me!

From the TSCC website, here's how the points and overall championship will work:


Championship points will be determined by finishing position in the main races. Points will be awarded to all competitors that finish the final race. The best 4 of 6 events will be used to determine the series championship. In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be the fastest qualifying lap time from the series. Points will be awarded as follows:


So if I managed to win four races and score the maximum 48 points I'd be king of the world! Realistically down here on Earth, I'll be happy to score any points!

Driving a kart is how most professional drivers (not me) get started these days, so if you have a youngster that you want to be a future world champion, then you need to get them into karting now! One thing I like about driving a kart is that most places that offer it also require you to wear at least a helmet and some neck padding, so safety counts even in a kart. The NMS team is fully equipped with our helmets and kart neck pads courtesy of Track Side Tim in Irmo SC, and we suggest them as your first stop if you need a good price on any driving safety gear. Check out their link at Trackside Tim LINK

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