Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kart Race #1 Results!

Safety First!
Time to Dust off the Helmet for 2016!

Last weekend Brian was in Las Vegas for the SCCA national convention, and then managed to get back to South Carolina despite having to fly through snowstorm Jonas. I imagine he might be writing up a blog post about the latest news from the Sports Car Club of America, and his dinner with new SCCA Hall of Fame inductees Roger Penske and Randy Pobst, but meanwhile, up here in Virginia, at winter Kart race #1 with the Tidewater Sports Car Club TSCC LINK  last night I managed to finish in 6th place! Oh, and there were a total of 6 drivers, so let's focus on "6th place" instead of "LAST" or "SLOWEST"!

G-Force indoor karts in Portsmouth has a mean little indoor track with real gas powered engine karts, so it's basically all about putting your foot on the gas and holding on around the turns! In three run groups, we did the first two as practice and then the final time was our official race for the night. For the race we lined up based on best lap in the practice sessions, so unfortunately for me I spent the entire race in last. Spinning out on the first lap didn't help any, but overall I felt pretty good by steadily lowering my best lap time from 30.312 in the first session, down to 29.7 in the next session, and then a best lap of 28.005 in the race. Also somewhat encouraging was getting 12 of my 15 laps in the race to be faster than my best time in the 2nd session. Yes, when you are driving BEHIND everyone else you're looking just to improve your lap times!

Rapunzel Karted Here!

If you haven't tried karting yet, then you are missing out on a fun way to improve your driving, which for me is asking for tips from the other drivers and figuring out how to improve my technique and go faster. Hey, if you want to see my spin out and getting lapped, check out the video on Facebook at this link:   Kart Race Video

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