Sunday, January 17, 2016

Schedule for the Tidewater Sports Car Club 2016!

What's That TSCC Link Again?

It's been a wet and even snowy day so far here on the Chesapeake and Atlantic Ocean side of the world, so the thought of another warm summer of autocross should warm things up a bit! The local Tidewater Sports Car Club is the biggest group in this area that sponsors autocross and other driving events, so I was very happy to see their 2016 schedule on line today for the first time.

13 FIAT Abarth = With New Tires!

This club has a great deal on memberships and season long registration if you plan on entering most of their autocross events. For one very reasonable price you can pay for all the autocross days up front, and at a great discount to the regular price! I signed up using this feature last year, and even with missing one event it was a bargain!

Brian and the Mighty 99 Miata!

For more information, you can always find the TSCC link on our blog, right over there on the right of the screen! Several of the events will be local at Pungo and some at the Little Creek Naval Base at ACU-4. A couple of events will also be just over the border in North Carolina at the Academi training area, and some at the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research NCCAR LINK just off of I-95. Both the Academi and NCCAR should be very cool autocross events, with the course set up on a track (still with cones) instead of our regular parking lot.

My goal this year is to compete at all the regular Autocross events, and hopefully some other "extra" ones too. Without any further delay, here it is:


** Pending Approval
26 Mar.Autocross/Novice School Pungo
27 Mar.Autocross #1 at Pungo
23 Apr.Gripfest 10 at NCCAR
24 Apr.Autocross #2 at NCCAR
07 May.** Spring Track Attack at Academi
21 May.** Test and Tune at ACU:4
22 May.** Autocross #3 at ACU:4
19 Jun.** Autocross #4 at ACU:4
17 Jul.** Autocross #5 at ACU:4
20 Aug.** VAC Day 1 at ACU:4
21 Aug.** VAC Day 2 at ACU:4
03 Sep.** Fall Track Attack at Academi
18 Sep.** Autocross #7 at ACU:4
16 Oct.Autocross #8 at Pungo
29 Oct.Gripfest 11 at NCCAR
20 Nov.Autocross #9 Pungo

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