Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Does the World Need Another Car Magazine?

Yes, the world needs another car magazine (or two or three), and I just found it at the local Barnes and Noble! This is the first issue of "Via Corsa", which is written for car fans that actually use their cars to go places and do interesting things! What does that mean? Looks like it means it's not a racing magazine. It's not for just mechanics and gear heads with wrenches in their pockets, even though there is nothing wrong with either!

What really caught my eye was the 20 page cover story, which details a visit to the Ferrari factory and various parts of the Ferrari business in Maranello Italy. Apparently anyone can take the factory tour, as long as you can prove that you own a Ferrari! In this case, the writer was visiting to custom order a new Ferrari, so of course his local dealer was happy to assist in making the trip, and attended as well.

Several other articles were fun to read, such as a short interview with former racer Sir Stirling Moss, a visit to Neuschwanstein castle in Germany, some info on old Route 66, and a new-to-me auto museum in England that thanks to this article I need to visit! Throw in a drive with Jay Leno, a few more interesting places to drive in the US, even more than that, and you've got a snazzy little magazine.

You can check out the Via Corsa website at VIA CORSA LINK

So to answer the question, there's always room for more magazines (or TV shows, movies, books, plays, songs, etc), and it's even better if you find one that you like.

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