Wednesday, January 6, 2016

So You Need a Batmobile?

If you NEED a Batmobile, then these guys can build one for you! Here's an introduction: Batmobile Story LINK

Of course we're talking old-TV-show-Batmobile, not one of the newer fancier ones you'll see riding around Gotham city in one of the 50 or so newer Batman movies! Geeze, are there any male actors that HAVEN'T played Batman yet?

The company that builds these Batmobiles is Fiberglass Freaks, and you can check out their webpage at this LINK One thing that made me laugh was that the website is If you still can't get enough Bat-Tastic Batmobile info, check out the Fiberglass Freaks Facebook page too: FF on Facebook LINK

Spoiler alert, it looks like the prices start around $145,000. The good news is that the Powerball lottery tonight has a prize of 400 MILLION, so turning that money into a fleet of BATMOBILES sounds like a good thing to do if you win!

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