Wednesday, August 5, 2015

NTD = New Tire Day!

Yes, 4 tires DO fit in the back of the FIAT!

Cars don't need much to work, mostly just some gas. And oil. And a driver. Well, and wheels and tires would be nice. Then the law requires stuff like seat belts, bumpers, and other safety items if you drive it on the road. Like a license, insurance, registration, and maybe a vehicle inspection if your state is like Virginia.

Today was new tire day for the FIAT because I drive it to work every day. Oh sure, I could be a rich race car driver and have a "special car" that only gets used for races, but heck, what fun would THAT be? The way I see it, the NASCAR guys don't get to drive their race car every day, so I'm way ahead of them in practice time. Other than the fact that just one NASCAR race lasts hours and that it would take several years of autocrossing to get up to a full hour behind the wheel.

Red Abarth, Blue FIAT!

So after buying tires from Tire Rack on line, having them delivered to my house, and then driving them over to the local tire shop, I just dropped my car off before work this morning, and then picked it up at the end of the day. Yes, they charged a little to mount the tires (about $13 each), but in the long run I was able to get the tires I wanted at a reasonable price.

New Tire Day!

These new tires are Dunlop Direzza DZ102, in size 205/45/16, so this makes the FIAT a full time Dunlop tire car, with two sets of wheels; one for every day use and the higher performance tires for autocrossing. Maybe next year I'll get some even better autocross tires, and have New Tire Day Volume II. Stay tuned for more, and drive safely!

Brian's Miata Number 86 in ES, or is it a barbershop ticket?

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