Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cheap Car Parts? Pick-n-Pull!

This morning I headed out to one of my favorite Amusement Parks for a few hours of cheap entertainment. Sure, some folks like to walk on the beach, go sight seeing, people watch, go to museums, or just sleep late on the weekend, but I like to do car stuff that "work" prevents me from doing. Of course, "work" also provide the money it takes to do anything else, so I guess it's a necessary evil.

So, here we go to Pick-n-Pull!
They have 55 locations, and it's always fun to visit!


Welcome to Pick-N-Pull used auto parts! Price of admission is only $2, and for that you get to visit a lot of car parts. These car parts are mostly still connected to a car that someone used to drive, but you see, the car doesn't drive any more, but since many of the parts are still good, well, just pay your two bucks, bring some tools, and let's go see what we can use!

 So I paid my two dollars and walked out to a big lot of used cars. Rows and rows, with most of the cars neatly lined up and sitting on wheels to get them up off the ground.

Like most used car parts lots, the cars are segregated by brand, so like in our case of looking for some Ford wheels for Nixon Motor Sports South, we headed out to the Ford section.

This looks like a pretty good donor. You can see it's a Ford Focus station wagon that still has plenty of transplant donor parts just waiting to be removed and brought back to life in another vehicle that still runs!

The wheels looked pretty good on this one, and as a bonus the tires might even still be good!

But wait, there's MORE! Another Focus wants to donate his wheels too, so we'll have to move in and check out the rims as well as the tire conditions.

Bottom line: if you bought some new wheels and new tires, you'd easily be paying $800 or more, but with the Pick-n-Pull prices, a set of four wheels will probably go home with you for less than $100.

Maybe the NASCAR and INDY guys don't buy parts here, but a lot of other people do!

After walking a few rows of Fords, I also spotted these four wheel center caps that might work. Not sure of the price on these bad boys, but even if I just decorate the garage or use them as coasters, or baseball bases, why not!

Plus, who couldn't use something like this in a goofy gift exchange at Christmas time!

Yes, used car parts ARE the perfect stocking stuffers!

Whoa, wait a minute, here's a close up of a used tire.

Notice the tread on the left is way better than the tread on the right, meaning that the car's suspension probably wasn't set up too well, or that the owner probably never rotated the tires.

I did mention that these are used parts, right?

It was a fun morning just looking around the lot today, so let's head back out to the parking lot and drive home.

Farewell Pick-n-Pull until next time!
Wait a minute, don't forget to check out the used cars out front that are for sale!

Here's a V6 Mustang for only $2,000!

This body style ended in 2004, and I didn't see a 40th Anniversary Mustang badge, so it's a 2003 or a bit older model. Leather seats inside too!

I'm going to keep this in mind next time I need a cheap car!

After this post I'm heading out on vacation for a few weeks, so I'll be back with more autocross fun at that time, and perhaps write up a few posts of  "How I Spent My Summer Vacation". Look for some topics such as "Gilmore Car Museum in Michigan", "Cars I Saw in Chicago", and "Guess What they Build at the Ford Truck Factory in Detroit?".

Have a great weekend!

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