Sunday, August 30, 2015

NMS Visits the Gilmore Car Museum

...or What I Did on Summer Vacation Part II...

Hidden in the countryside north of Kalamazoo Michigan is the Gilmore Car Museum, and it is well worth the trip to visit some day if you are interested in American automobiles.  I'd suggest you visit their website just to get a feel for how cool this place is at Gilmore Car Museum LINK
Their focus is on older American cars, and just off the top of my head they have a building filled with Ford Model As, another building filled with Cadillacs, a big collection of Lincolns, a building of Pierce Arrows, a two story barn filled with cool cars like a Tucker, a Rickenbacker, one building with toy pedal cars and part of the set from the Disney movie "The Gnome Mobile", a working diner if you get hungry, another barn filled with Hudsons, and that's just for starters!

From old...

To not so old...

I spent about 5 hours wandering around, reading exhibits, taking pictures, and really enjoyed the experience. Also, I'd like to thank the Gilmore for offering free admission to military service members.  The museum is made up of a lot of buildings spread around several acres, so it was fun to walk around and explore everything. In addition to the barns and other buildings, there was an old Shell gas station, a small train depot that housed a collection of automobile badges, and plenty of things to see ranging from old cars to race cars.
Two Tone Mercury Cruiser

Here's just some of the highlights:

Studebaker Avanti

1954 Kaiser Darrin

1958 Packard Hawk Sport Coupe

1954 Lincoln raced in the Carrera Panamericana across Mexico

1967 AC/Shelby Cobra

Re-created Cadillac dealership, housing Cadillacs of course!

Re-created Ford dealership building housing Model A Fords!
1930 Cord L-29 Cabriolet

1935 Auburn Boat-tail Speedster

1937 Cord
Ford built a LOT of Model As in manylocations!

Auburn 851 Speedster detail

Love the tail light!
Pierce Arrow Hood Ornament

The Gnome Mobile!

Shell Station on the Grounds of the Gilmore

1948 Tucker

Every building is filled with cars!

I had not heard of the Franklin cars

Hat-In-The-Ring on the Rickenbacker



The Diner is open for business!

This Caddy was used by Dan Akyroyd's character in "Driving Miss Daisey"

One variation of the Ford Model A

Model A given to Thomas Edison by Henry Ford

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