Thursday, August 20, 2015

NMS South Adds New Vehicle to Lineup with Strong Results

2015 Ford Fiesta ST in Molten Orange.  197hp, 202 ft/lb of tq. and weighing in at about 2700lb.
On July 15th 2015, NMS South said good bye to the mighty 1997 Ranger after 12 years of loyal service and added a 2015 Ford Fiesta ST to the racing lineup.  While it compromises the utility of the Ranger, it adds comfort, fuel economy, power, and another car to get Brian racing again while the 99 Miata awaits a motor.
Next to Philip's 10 year old Focus (you may remember from our rallycross outing earlier this year), you can see a lot of resemblance in overall size and layout under the hood.  

On August 9th, the Fiesta competed in it's first autocross with the Buccaneer region of the SCCA at Hutchinson Island, just outside of Savannah, GA.  While the first two of the three run groups were able to put down times in completely dry weather, the weather took a quick turn and left inches-deep puddles of water and overall slick conditions for the Fiesta in the third run group.
It was extremely wet, but the Fiesta powered through and dominated the competition.

Of the cars running in the complete wet, the Fiesta put down raw times faster than most cars and posted the fastest PAX adjusted time.  The car finished 13th overall in PAX times, but again, it's tough to compare as everyone faster than the Fiesta were able to drive in dry conditions.
Optional Recaro seats really hold you in place and even keep you awake at night with that orange.

The Fiesta took part in SCR SCCA's autocross on August 16th and held up well to three drivers taking turns in three different classes.  Were it not for one cone, Brian and the Fiesta had a time good for first in HS class but instead took second.  It placed 5th overall in PAX with fellow autocrosser Joe G. at the wheel.  The car is showing significant pace in completely stock form and we're looking forward to many future events in the car.

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