Sunday, November 2, 2014


10.  Who will win the F1 race in Texas today? I'll predict pole sitter Nico Rosberg will lead from start to finish.
9.  Will you be watching NFL football, NASCAR from Texas, or F1 from Texas? At my house the answer will be F1, and according to what I've read, about 500,000 more folks in the US will watch also. Not as big as NASCAR and the NFL, but if we all liked the same things, well, then I guess we'd only need one channel on TV.
8.  Will Adrian Sutil finish the first lap?  He has started the last two (and only) races at Austin, but due to bad luck and incidents with other cars, has not managed to finish one lap yet!  I think he'll manage to finish the race this time!
7.  Can the Sauber team score any points? In an F1 race, the top ten finishers score points, and so far this year the Sauber team hasn't scored any at all! Due to financial problems, two other teams (Marussia and Caterham) aren't even racing today, so while there may be no connection to how Sauber performs, they have managed to qualify one of the cars in 10th place, so they are in a points position at the start!
6.  Can Lewis Hamilton win his 5th race in a row? He is starting 2nd on the grid, but unfortunately the one car ahead of him is his Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg, so the two cars should be about equal on performance. This has been the most interesting battle of the season, as these two drivers from the same team duke it out for the world driver's championship. Their Mercedes team has already clinched the constructors title, so the main interest will be the drivers points.
5.  Will my favorite team Ferrari accomplish anything today? By anything, I mean a top three finish on the podium for either driver, Fernando Alonso or Kimi Raikkonen. Alonso has again qualified in a better slot than Kimi, but I think the red Ferrari cars just don't have the pace to get up to the top three.
4.  Can Williams driver Valterri Bottas finish higher than his qualifying 3rd place? I sure hope so, he's having a great run this year in only his second season.  Last year his best placing was here in Austin, so I'm looking for his #77 car to finish in the top three for sure!
3.  Could Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull pull off a surprise win today? He's the only driver not named Rosberg or Hamilton to win this entire year so far, so maybe he'll be there at the finish again to take the checkered flag.
2.  What's up with 4 time champ Sebastian Vettel starting from the pit lane? Well, in all the technological changes to the rules this year, there is a limit of only so many engines and other components you can use in the season. Vettel has had to use one more engine than allowed, so the penalty is that no matter what you did in qualifying, you basically start last in the pit lane. His Red Bull still has the speed to be competitive, but coming from last I think around 10th place is the best he can do today.
1.  What channel is this on?  A good question, because most of the races have been on NBC Sports Channel, but being here in the good old USA today, the race gets better publicity on the regular network NBC.  See you there at 3PM Eastern, and I hope you changed your clocks!

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