Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One Good Reason to Test Drive a Mazda!

We're big fans of driving automobiles safely every day, and of course it's even more fun to drive quickly on a track or an autocross course too. Test driving cars is another fun activity, and we've been able to participate in some big events like the Jaguar Drive Alive and the Ford Ecoboost Challenge where manufacturers roll into town and bring their latest cars for the general public to drive and experience. At tracks like Darlington, Charlotte, and Martinsville we've even gotten to drive where the NASCAR drivers compete for contributing to various charities.

Well, today I just want to say thanks to Mazda for giving EVERYONE a chance to contribute to a worthy charity, and you can make YOUR donation just by test driving a Mazda car at your local Mazda dealer. Of course NMS suggests that you might want to hop into a Mazda Miata for this event, but any Mazda will do. We've also driven the Mazda 6 on a few hundred miles of vacation-rental car driving, and enjoyed the ride!

Check out this link, visit your Mazda dealer, and in exchange just for test driving the Mazda folks will be donating their time for a charity, so everyone wins!

Mazda Drive For Good Link

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