Monday, November 17, 2014

Final Run in 2014

This past Saturday was the final SCR-SCCA points event of 2014.  The #86 Miata was the lone entry for NMS and although the official results aren't posted, it looks like a 2nd place finish in ES.

The day started off pretty chilly, in the 40s and seemed to warm up quite nicely by the afternoon.  I again struggled with consistency and failed to avoid cones on my quickest runs.  The 99 still is running strong though the 16 year old shocks were really showing their age when caught by the event photographer around a lower speed slalom (below).  The front right wheel is about an inch or so off the ground.

Hopefully by March I can replace the worn out shocks and add a stiffer anti-sway bar up front to help keep that under control.  In the big picture though, the car is just fine and the nut behind the wheel just needs a little adjustment to keep off the cones next season and make those good times I've been finding really count in the points.

Extra thanks again to everyone outside of the NMS team who has helped out all season with everything from driving pointers to selling, buying and fixing cars.  You guys really taught me a lot this season.  Can't wait for 2015.

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  1. Click on the photo to see it more clearly -- that wheel is definitely up in the air since you can see it with a bright orange cone right behind in the photo!


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