Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Announcing Nixon Motor Sports North!

Nixon Motor Sports announced today that driver Robert Nixon and the number 77 FIAT Abarth has moved to Virginia Beach to maintain his day job in support of financing more autocrossing!  With the move of half the team drivers to another state, NMS-North has entered their first event this Saturday October 18th at the Little Creek Naval Base on the Chesapeake Bay.

Special thanks to the sponsors of this event, the Tidewater Sports Car Club for encouraging active duty military members to come out and learn all about autocrossing. believe it or not, they are offering this event FREE, so thanks to the TSSC!  You can read all about the event at the link:    Military Appreciation Autocross 

One cool thing about this event is that not only is it held on a Navy base, but that it will be  held on the concrete pad of Air Cushioned Unit 4, which is a specialized Navy unit that operates the hovercraft vehicles!  Look for some cool shots of this event in the near future.

With the move to Virginia it looks like the #77 won't be competing in any more events in the SC Region this year, so as of right now that leaves NMS in third place for the season:

gs – ‘G Street’Points W/DropsE-1E-2E-3E-4E-5E-6E-7
1TMichael Arnold464661048810
2TJustin Robinett3131108310
3TRobert Nixon2727558234
4TJohathan Clark1111362
4TTimothy Bridges111156
6TWilliam Harris101010
6TRoss Hennings101010
6TClark Doggett101010
9Luke Armstrong888
9Andre Goncalves888
11Eric Hecht666
11Joshua Dupree666
11Zach Bohach666
11David Baltazar666
15Robbie Solesbee55050
15Will Harris555
15Don Bridges555
18Terry McClure444
18Elizabeth Flannagan444
20Brandon Lee333
21Kenneth Bury111

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