Tuesday, October 14, 2014

99 Miata Build Part 3

More parts continue to show up at the NMS Columbia facility this week as the 99's first autocross approaches.  There's not going to be time to get everything done in time but all the basics will be done over the next few days. Monday was spent cleaning out the interior, removing 21 cents worth of weight, and adding a few stickers for speed.
The convertible top's latches aren't locking too well so I researched a quick fix that saved me from spending $140 apiece for new ones. All it took was filing down a little bit of the old ones.
Wednesday is a whole Miata party here as some other autocrossers come over for some burgers and fixing some stubborn windows that aren't sliding up and down easily any more and then maybe a brake job. Thursday the car will get an alignment at a local shop and then hopefully my shifter rebuild kit will arrive in time to fix the sloppy shifting action and then change out the transmission fluid.  If time allows, the 99 might even get that new fuel filter I bought installed! 

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