Friday, October 24, 2014

99 Miata build Part 8

The stereo was finally sounding good once the mismatched speaker was corrected, but there was no AUX input for hours of iPod music and the CD player wasn't working. Even just the one trip out to Darlington proved once the local radio stations drop out of range good stations are sparse.

Pulled out the old CD/radio/cassette player in favor of a new unit that does it all (okay so I lost the tape player but gained USB, BT, and AUX)

The unit needed a special wiring harness to keep the stock Bose amp and speakers.

And that needed some further modification! Thank goodness for and thousands of other people who have already figured this stuff out.

A few minutes of troubleshooting and wire swapping and I finally got it running.

Cram all the wires in there and go for a cruise with all kinds of tunes!
This one has a huge range of color choices for the display so I even got it pretty closely matched to the stock green colored instruments.

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