Monday, October 20, 2014

99 Miata Build Part 6

The journey continues...

Today fellow autocrosser Harlan joined the action at the NMS South garage to assist with some fluid changes.  Harlan's tearing it up in a MINI Cooper S in Novice class but is looking for a Miata for next season, so it was time to get some hands on with the roadster.
I jacked up the car and started poking around the rear, inspecting everything when I saw a part I didn't recognize.  I grabbed it for some reason and it immediately broke free.  My initial guess that it was a CIA GPS tracking device from the car's previous life as a spy car turned out to be incorrect.
Almost even better, it turned out to be a hidden key.  Unlike the 2 keys I got with the car, this one is a Mazda OEM key and is in much better condition.  Woo hoo!  Now onto fluids...
After the weird sounding 1-2 shifts I thought I might as well flush and change the fluid in the transmission and differential.  The diff was pretty gunky and after a few minutes I managed to shave another few kilograms off the rear end of the car.  Both of these jobs were really easy to do with a hand from a friend to make sure all the fluid goes where it needs to.
Based on an experienced recommendation, I had some Amsoil oil that would work for the shifter turret, the transmission and the rear differential.  This is a sample of the gooey fluid from the shifter, but I guarantee both the transmission and diff looked equally bad.  Everything is now topped off with high quality fresh stuff and shifting is smooth like butter.


  1. Just curious if you measured the old 99 original rear differential fluid to see if it was low, or if you just filled it with new stuff.

    1. It dribbled out when the fill plugs were first removed, so that was a good sign it was full. The goop that came out just about filled the containers of new stuff that was put in, so I think the levels were good.


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