Tuesday, June 20, 2023

US Merchant Marine Academy Auto Show

My favorite event of the year at the US Merchant Marine Academy is the annual auto show, so let's take a look at the cars that showed up this year!

One owner Datsun, with the original window sticker!

The band kicked it off with the National Anthem and the Service songs, and our Superintendent Vice Admiral Nunan chatted to the band too!

1968 Chrysler New Yorker, Mr. Chrysler's house in the background

Ford Model A

Modified Ford

Yes, they really made a Ford Pinto wagon

Classic Corvette

Very nice Mercury. They used that "M" logo on the front only 1 year.

Triumph Stag

"Mrs. Chrysler's Chrysler" built just for her

Chrysler's Chrysler

WWII Dodge truck

Porsche 356, they let me jump in!

Mid engine Corvette

Model A again

Another WWII Dodge

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