Sunday, June 18, 2023

Ryan Friedman Motor Cars Cars and Coffee

Fathers Day brought out some awesome cars for Cars and Coffee at Ryan Friedman Motor Cars in Glen Cove NY. Thanks to the Friedman folks for free coffee and breakfast too!  Take a look. 

How about a McLaren Elva! 800hp that goes 200+ MPH. Only $1.7M to start! They only built 149 of these. No top, no windscreen, woo-hoo!!

Here’s another car you don’t see every day, a Bricklin. Read up on Malcolm Bricklin if the name is new to you. Hint: He also brought the Yugo and Subaru to the USA!!

The Bricklin was built in Canada, had gull wings, and a plastic body. 

Here’s some more inside the business:

Porsche GT3RS in the center, coffee in the back!

911 Carrera RSR 2.8

Ferrari 355

Ferrari 348

Ryan Friedman Motor Cars

How about some more Ferraris?

Some more Italians? OK, let's do Lamborghini. 

The sign says "Ferrari Parking Only"


Mini Cooper, Prowler, Trans Am, a Lotus, and TWO Porsche Carrera GTs!!

I hope you had a great Fathers Day!!

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