Thursday, June 8, 2023

Aston Martin F1 Car Display


Aston Martin F1 car on display

You never know what you'll find on the Internet. Why is it smoky on the east coast? How tall is the Umpire State Building in Cooperstown NY? ("Umpire" and "Cooperstown" pretty funny huh?) What famous people have birthdays today? They other day I learned that our local Aston Martin dealer would have an F1 car on display for two days, so I figured I better go take a look!

OK, it's not a full fledged racing car with an engine and everything, but it's pretty much a stunt double for the Aston Martin car being raced by two time champion Fernando Alonso (#14) and Canadian Lance Stroll (#18). In fact, this display car has bother their names on it, with #14 on the right side and #18 on the left. It was very fun to check it out, and then stroll (HA HA HA, STROLL, GET IT?) around and look at the other Aston Martins. Oh, and as a bonus, this dealership (Long Island Sports Cars) also sells another car brand, McLaren. There were no McLaren F1 cars on display. If you're shopping for an Aston Martin or a McLaren, here's where you should go: LONG ISLAND SPORTS CARS

Both drivers names on this car

As you can tell from above, Fernando is from Spain, and Lance is from Canada. Coming up on June 18th is the Canadian F1 race in Montreal. I checked on tickets since it's only 6 hours away, and the race is sold out. Maybe next year. Oh, and Lance's dad basically bought the F1 team and is a major owner of the Aston Martin company. Fernando has a museum and go-kart track in Spain.

It's all about the aerodynamics

Julie and I saw the real race cars at the Miami race earlier this year, and it was exciting to watch and see Fernando finish 3rd and up on the podium for that race. He's having a great year, with Aston Martin currently in 3rd place for the team championship. This is a huge improvement after they were 7th last year.

The rear wing didn't have any moveable DRS flap that I could tell

110 years of Aston Martin. You might have seen James Bond driving one

It's hard to not think of James Bond driving an Aston Martin when you consider the brand. There's still a cool exhibit of Bond cars up at the Saratoga NY Auto Museum going on for most of 2023.

Plenty of buttons and switches on the steering wheel

Yes, there were other F1 fans that came out to see the car

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