Monday, January 31, 2022

NMS 2022 Schedule Update

The Purple Miata Races Again!

The NMS-South AND NMS-North drivers have announced that they will combine to be in the same race this year, at the 24 Hours of Lemons race in April at Carolina Motorsports Park. In addition to racing on Saturday and Sunday, one very unique thing about this race is the Friday night Block Party in Camden SC, where all the competitors will drive their cars into downtown to generally hang out and trash talk about the upcoming racing over the next two days. Oh it's a party, make no mistake about this! If you live anywhere near Camden SC, we recommend you check it out! More info at the official 24 Hours of Lemons website: LEMONS CMP

I'm really looking forward to this opportunity to drive in Lemons for only the 2nd time, this go round in the Bunch of Idiots Miata. Team manager Brian Nixon states that it is likely that the car will run, will having charged radio batteries, and unlike my first Lemons Race, just might NOT have a fuel leak and fumes that I still claim did NOT make me drive faster!

Our schedule for the weekend looks like this: 

FRIDAY: Cars get tech inspection, and then there will be some time to practice on track. That should be a good thing for me, since I haven't been in this particular car, while the rest of the team are very experienced in Miatas. In the evening, the cars head for Camden and parade into town, park downtown, and then enjoy the Block Party. 

SATURDAY: 9AM Drivers meeting, just a reminder to drive safe mostly. At 9:30AM the cars go to grid, and at some point get on track to warm up for the running start at 10AM. Racing this first day goes from 10AM-6PM. Each team will be planning their pit stops for fuel and driver changes, and hopefully keeping the car on track as much as possible. 

SUNDAY: At CMP there's usually a quiet hour on Sunday, so racing will run from 9AM-11AM, then a quiet hour, and racing again from noon to 4:30PM. That two hour stint on Sunday morning usually works great for a Miata that can run 2 hours on one tank of gas. 

As you might have noticed, this race is NOT 24 hours straight, but the Lemons folks keep the 24 Hours name just for the heck of it. That's only one small part of the wacky sense of humor that surrounds these events, right along with funny themed cars, hilarious driver penalties for any infringements on track, and that the prize money to the class winners is always paid in boxes of nickels. The Bunch of Idiots have experienced this first hand, when their Dodge Coronet took 1st Place in Class C at CMP a few years ago, and sure enough they walked away with $600 in nickels!

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