Wednesday, January 19, 2022

NMS-North Goals for 2022

In 2022, the NMS-North Cayman will ride again!

Welcome to the new year!  More than being happy about making it to this new year, I'm sure we're all even happier to say good-bye to 2021! Here at NMS-North, we're planning another 12 months of autocross and track driving in the NMS Porsche Cayman. Yes- indeedy-do, this is by far the best mid-engine car we've ever owned...OK, it's the ONLY mid-engine car we've ever owned, so the bright ones out there will also figure out it's then also the WORST mid-engine car we've ever owned. Funny how things work that way!

Things are a bit cold in January-February, so the guys in the shop (AKA: "me") are planning on some basic maintenance like an oil change, new air/oil filters, and some new spark plugs. On top of that, the NMS chief mechanic (also "me") has scheduled an oil analysis of the old oil to get a snapshot view of how the engine is doing. While we're taking care of that business, we'll check the serpentine belt, and then do a full brake fluid flush before things get rolling in March. Tire-wise, we're starting the year on the same Hankook RS-4 tires, but checking on the amount of tread left to see how far they will last. After multiple track weekends and autocross events so far on these tires, they've got about 6/32nds left, so the finance/budget department (guess who? "me") is likely going to have to cough up some bucks for new tires eventually. 

Autocross wise, the team (OK, "my") plan is to stick with the Porsche Club NY Metro Region for their autocross events, and as luck would have it, they've already released their schedule. With about one event per month, that's a pretty good amount of gas-stomping, steering wheel-twisting, and brake pedal mashing, cone-dodging autocross excitement. Like last year, my goal is to finish in the club top ten on PAX adjusted time, and to try and finish each event in the top 10 for Porsche cars. Other goals like "having fun," driving safely," and "not having a heart attack at any events like in 2021" should be fairly easy to do. 

Thumbs up for driving...WAY UP!

Track wise, I'd like to say I'm retired from work, and will be driving at tracks all across the country, on almost every weekend, or even about 300 days a year...BUT...that won't happen, so let's aim for at least a couple of track weekends. I've driven at Watkins Glen the most, but dang it, it's still the most fun, so I'll shoot for some time there, and at least one more weekend nearby like Pocono, New Jersey Motorsports Park, or perhaps a first time at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. To be specific, I'm looking for a first time DRIVING at Lime Rock Park, since I have visited there, and even met former track owner and all around automotive legend Skip Barber! The good news is that pretty much every track is a boat load of fun, and you always meet some old and new driver friends, rain or shine. 

Other than that, I'd like to get into a Lemons race again, but nothing definite is on the books so far. NMS-South and other South Carolina drivers will likely be doing a fair share of Lemons or Lucky Dog racing, so you just never know what might happen. As Formula 1 commentator Murray Walker once said, "Just about anything can happen (in Formula 1) and it usually does!"

First Rule of Autocross: Get CLOSE, but DO NOT HIT the cones!

Oh, and speaking of Formula 1, I'd like to attend another race this year if the dumb pandemic slows down, so maybe Austin Texas or Montreal Quebec will work out. On top of all that, I'll still be working, going to other car shows and events (I'm looking at YOU, New York International Auto Show, Kings Point Auto Club Show, etc). Oh, and also in 2022 we'll be attending NMS-South driver Brian's wedding. Enough with the chit-chat, let's get this 2022 thing on the road!! Like our school motto at the United States Merchant Marine Academy says: ACTA NON VERBA! DEEDS NOT WORDS!

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