Saturday, May 15, 2021

Autosport Designs Inc. Cars and Coffee


Ferrari 308 Quatrovalvole, one of 2 red "Magnum" cars I saw

One of the most spectacular Cars and Coffee events I've ever attended was right before the pandemic started in 2020, and today I was lucky enough to attend another event at the same place! Thanks to seeing this posted on my local Porsche Club of America Facebook page, the event was hosted by Autosport Designs Inc. in Huntington Station NY on Long Island. Their business specializes in restoring and maintaining classic cars, and on top of that they are also a Lotus dealer for new cars! Most of the cars I saw were just epic, and with tons of customer cars in the workshop, and others outside, as well as those that were for sale. You won't be disappointed if you visit Autosport Designs!

The top photo is a classic Ferrari 308, one of 2 I saw in red, and it looked to be in great condition. Below I'll show you just 3 more cars this time, each of them just stunning and not something you see every day! First off, a Bugatti in the parking lot! I usually only see them at car shows or in magazines or videos, so it was awesome to see one in person. If you're into wheels and tires, the rear tires were 355/25 on 21 inch wheels. That's a HUGE tire!


Next up, a Lamborghini. Sure, I've seen some Lamborghinis before, and even know a little about Mr. Lamborghini and how he got into making cars after building tractors. BUT, this is not a supercar sports car, it's the early version SUV/truck that they built way back in the 1980s. This is a 1987 Lamborghini LM002. They built just over 300 of these from 86-93, and it comes with a V12. Worried about using a lot of gas? No problem, it's got a 76 gallon fuel tank!

Lamborghini LM002

LM002 Interior

LM002, OK, it's a truck!

OK, the "Magnum" Ferrari, a real Bugatti, and the rare Lamborghini were all eye-popping and drool worthy vehicles, but this next one was my favorite. It is also a Lamborghini, but a little bit older, and not as super-car-200mph-ish as the modern Lambo cars. This, is a Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2. From reading about it on line, they built 224 of them from 1966-1968. As a GT or Gran Tourismo, it was made for cruising, so it has a trunk, and a v12 rated at 320HP. The 2+2 part means 2 seats up front, and 2 in the back. The body was by Touring in Milan, and this car is just as beautiful as it was designed to be functional. 

Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2

Here's some photos of this car, what a great design, and color.

Superleggera, or super light

Body by Touring

Passenger side rear view mirror. They don't make them like this anymore

The red letters spelling Lamborghini vertically are a nice touch on this vent on the hood

Great leather interior, radio way over in front of the passenger

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