Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Autocross Standings Update

The Nassau Coliseum, and some guy's car

My goal for 2021 remains to finish the year in the top 10 of my local club's autocross points, and with the points updated from the 4th event, NMS is happy to report we're holding 7th place! While this won't result in winning a million dollars, or getting a contract with a pro racing team, it's still a lot of fun to drive and just try to improve your own performance. 

The scenic Ford parking lot

At the last event, I drove it in manual mode instead of automatic, or PDK in Porsche terminology. The PDK is a great transmission, but it normally just goes to the next higher gear around 2,000 RPMs, so in manual I went much higher at the starting line before going to 2nd gear. From there I just kept it in 2nd gear all the way, like any other car I've autocrossed with, and that probably sped me up a tiny bit. 

A big part of getting into the top 10 will be competing at as many events as possible. For people with things like "jobs" or "families," sometimes that's just not possible, and it's really only a few drivers that usually make every event. I guess another way of saying that is that if ALL the really fast drivers showed up every time, I'd probably not be in the top ten! By looking at each driver's average score, I'd be only in 13th place, but several of those drivers have only been to 1 event, so it's hard to say how this will play out. 

Another way to look at the standings that I've learned, is to go ahead and look at scores of all events, but then subtract the lowest 2 events for each driver. Commonly referred to as "Drop 2" where at the end of the year you can drop the lowest 2 events of your year, this is just another way of looking at the 4 events so far. Right now with the "Drop 2" method I'd be in 8th overall, so not too bad, and still in the top 10. 

Here's a link to the current standings, Metro NY Region PCA  so I'm very happy with 7th place for now. The next event is in June, and then the season will wrap it all up in November, so there is still a lot of driving to do. 

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