Sunday, September 30, 2018

Trans Am Car Show

Burt and Sally Were There!

The other day we posted about the 100 Trans Am salute to Burt Reynolds, and somehow we ended up going to that car show on Saturday! We'll assume they started the day with 100 Trans Ams, but by the time we got there things were thinning out in the middle of the afternoon. Here's a look at some of the rides we spotted at this free car show on Long Island, and we hope your weekend is chock full of automotive goodness too!


Challenger R/T


Pontiac GTO
The Duke Boys 

Most Orange Trans Am of the Day!

More Trans Am Goodness

Newer Trans Am, Daytona Pace Car


Mustangs Come in Many Colors

Bumble Bee Cobra Replica

Cobra Engine

Oldsmobile Ornament
Nice Flame

Remember: Long Island Needs a Dragstrip!

Plymouth Road Runner

Matts GTO

Front Row Parking for the Abarth!

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