Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Competition Driving

Sprinkles Are For Winners!

The NMS crew are big fans of driving, driving for fun, driving to get from A to B (no, I don't why no one likes "A", but it seems everyone in every math problem is ALWAYS trying to get to "B". Obviously they have better burgers at "B".)

We like driving fast, driving and shifting fast, and even driving for competition. Competition wise, remember that if you finish 2nd, you're the first loser. Winners never quit, quitters never win, and you can't win if you don't play the game. Also, you apparently can't win if you don't buy the lottery tickets, but my experience shows that you can't win even if DO buy the lottery ticket. Oh well, if we win the 500+ Million Mega Millions on Friday, well, we'll be writing all kinds of fun posts like "How I spent my summer vacation shopping for cars," "How I bought a race team", and the classic "Why I'm Now Broke Again."

But, back to competition. As we're gearing up for the November NMS Show-Down at the Lemons Race in South Carolina, and the autocross season is pretty much wrapped up for 2018, I wanted to tell you about another competition I'm entered in this year. Earlier in the year I tried the official Formula 1 game on line racing against thousands of drivers around the world, and totally got blown out of the water. So, now, I'm in a Formula 1 Fantasy league, which is like Fantasy Football (another sport I'm no good at, but the Cleveland Browns are 2-2-1, so I'm calling that equal to being in the Superbowl already.)

Here's the current standings of my hand-picked sure-fire guaranteed-to-win racing team:

Overall Rank:141,837
Total Players:186,068

See, since it's all about PERSPECTIVE, I don't look at being in 141,837th place as a negative, because based on my BE POSITIVE (B+) blood type, I'm AHEAD of  44,231 other drivers! It sounds even better in big capital letters, so, yes, I'm AHEAD OF FORTY FOUR THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED THIRTY ONE other slowpokes!

In that same friendly B+ mood, I'm ahead of more drivers than Lewis Hamilton in F1 and whoever is leading NASCAR right now! Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! Those guys are "only" ahead of 20-40 people, not 44 THOUSAND!

All about perspective in the competition arena!

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