Sunday, September 23, 2018

Hey Buddy, Wanna See Some Trabbies?

Trabant Photo Courtesy the Spy Museum

This post was almost about cats, because my auto-correct wanted Trabbies to be Tabbies. This post is NOT about cats. Car cats I WOULD write about would include Jaguars, Panthers, and Cheetahs.

So, back on topic, Trabbies, more formerly known as Trabants, the infamous cheap cars built in East Germany during the cold war. What made them special? Well, that they were one of the few cars built in East Germany, but also that parts of the body were made of some recycled cotton material called Duroplast.

What got me thinking about Trabants was an upcoming Trabant event in our nation's capitol of all places. If you want to see some Trabbies, head to Washington DC on November 3rd. The Spy Museum will be holding their 12th annual Trabant Rally from 10-4. They claim it's the only Trabant event in the US, so unless you're in Europe, this would be a cool car event to see! For more information, check out the website at the: SPY MUSEUM

I trust you know how to Google "Trabant" for more information on how they were built and why they are so unique, so I'll just share one informational video from Aging Wheels: TRABANT

For a super-quick look at the Trabi, check out this video too: MOTOR WEEK

OK, I know, sometimes you get trapped in a YouTube mode and can't stop watching videos, so here's one more. This one is AWESOME, from 1965, it shows Trabants being made in the factory in Zwickau (East Germany), has cool 60s background jazzy music, and is narrated in German! TRABANT FACTORY

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