Monday, September 3, 2018

Gearing Up for Lemons

Coronet Gearing Up

The NMS drivers are working hard this Labor day weekend to gear up for the Lemons race in two more weekends. Here at NMS-North, that means that with a brand new head and neck restraint system that we had to adjust it to fit our body, and also install the anchors in the driver's helmet. This wasn't too difficult a job to tell the truth, certainly several degrees of difficulty lower than Brian and the Coronet team that was stripping down a junkyard engine to get some more parts into the Dodge, and doing some work in the oil pan to keep things lubricated!

Silver Anchor Blending in With Stickers

Both of these projects seem unrelated, but both will contribute to a safer and smoother running weekend. In the case of the head/neck restraint, safety comes first, even with cheap-o Lemons cars, so in the very small chance of an accident, all drivers are required to have the latest spec head and neck restraint,  helmet, fire suit, gloves, shoes, socks, roll bar and cage, fire extinguisher, etc. In other words, it's the kind of safety gear you are happy to have, but hope you never need, like the air bags on your car. Which reminds me, race cars don't have air bags, so that's one reason why there is all this other safety gear to keep you in the seat, in the car, and away from any possible fire.

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