Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Take the 2017 Formula 1 Fan Survey!

World Champion Drivers: Senna, Prost, Mansel, Piquet

You know that life's not fair, and we don't always get a vote on everything we'd like to vote on, but right now you can take a survey about Formula 1 racing. Like any other business, the owners of F1 are probably interested in hearing from their customers so that they can make more money and make their "product" better, so why not tell them what you think?

When was the last time that McDonald's asked you what you thought? Probably never, and hey, while I'm thinking about it, I've been playing that darn McDonald's Monopoly game for a lot of years and I'm still not a millionaire! How about if next time that game comes around we all chip in our little Monopoly properties together, and we can split the big prize!

F1 has new owners this year, Liberty Media of the US, so they are likely to take any results from the survey seriously. I personally think they should hold all races at a more convenient time for those of us in the US, since getting up at 1AM to see a race in Australia is kind of rough, but then again, when your sport is watched around the world, I guess you can't please everybody!

So, seriously, check out the F1 fan survey at this link: F1 Survey

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