Friday, March 24, 2017

South Carolina Region Announces RallyCross Season 2017

"Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads"

Ok Rally-Crossers, get your calendars out and grab a big red marker! The official 2017 season calendar is ready to go. Thanks to the hard work by Melanie Epps Murray and the folks up at Midway Motorsports Park we have a final schedule that consists of 6 events for 2017.
The dates are as follows:
Date Location
Sunday, April 9 Midway Motorsports Park
Sunday, May 7 Midway Motorsports Park
Sunday, June 25 Midway Motorsports Park
Sunday, August 6 Midway Motorsports Park
Sunday, September 24 Midway Motorsports Park
Sunday, November 12 Midway Motorsports Park

We will have class points championships, and there will be class trophies/plaques given out at the annual SCR banquet following the 2017 season. The actual points format has yet to be determined but will probably resemble the SOLO points style.

--You have until April 9 to get your RallyX car ready! It will be here sooner than you think!

--Events will be added to the calendar on shortly. 

--Registration is open for the first event at motorsportreg

--Here's the Facebook page for the first event: Rallycross #1

Rally Cross is just like regular autocross, except that the concrete or asphalt pavement has turned into grass, dirt, maybe gravel, and perhaps mud. This adds another element to the driving skills needed, and you just might see the drivers sliding around the cone course a bit differently. From the driver's seat, it's probably even more fun in the grin-as-you-drive department too.

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