Saturday, March 11, 2017

NMS Talks Tires

Way up here in NMS-North, we have one week before the first autocross of the season, so on Monday I ordered two new tires for the FIAT, and they were delivered 2 days later thanks to Tire Rack and their quick service. A few days after that, the tires were mounted thanks to Charles Ardolino and his amazing new tire machine! Thanks!

Last year's set of autocross tires (Bridgestone RE71R, like just about everyone else) lasted all year, but the front two tires just weren't going to go any farther this year. I'm sticking with the rear tires from last year for now, they look to be OK for the start of the season. Having good tires makes a huge difference in autocross and probably every other type of motor sports. 

Farther south, NMS-South brought home some gently used Pirelli slicks to be used on the 70s Dodge Coronet at Carolina Motorsports Park in May. Things continue to look good for Brian and  the LeMons endurance team to do a full weekend of testing in May, and then compete in a race in the fall. 

Speaking of NMS-South, Happy Birthday Brian (March 12th)! To help him celebrate, the IndyCar season kicks off on the 12th also!

New tires getting mounted, thanks Charles Ardolino

Safety: Always use jack stands

A Mustang makes a great tire rack
Pirelli tire goodness!

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