Sunday, December 18, 2016

TSCC Awards Dinner

GS Champion
Last night at the Military Aviation Museum in scenic Pungo VA (The Autocross Center of the Universe), the Tidewater Sports Car Club wrapped up the 2016 auto-cross season with a fun evening at their annual awards dinner. In addition to some great food in a unique setting, the highlight was the presentation of the overall champion trophy for the year, as well as the top 10 drivers, and trophies for the winning drivers in each class. On top of all that, there were enough door prizes given away to stock an entire garage, and I think everyone went home happy. I'm looking forward to more fun with this group in 2017.

Overall Champion Trophy
They let me look at it, not take it home!

Here at NMS-North, we're happy to report that this makes it two years in a row for winning the G Street class, even if there weren't many drivers competing in this particular class. As we like to say, "first is still first", even if there isn't anyone in second! Next year the FIAT will move into the more competitive HS class, so it will be tough trying to keep up with the fast HS drivers like Dan Adams (Fiesta ST) and Chris Parsons (VW TDI Golf).

Door Prizes

One great thing about the TSCC is that they also include a LOT of door prizes, so in addition to a fun evening, we also went home with a restaurant gift card! Other prizes included gift cards to Tire Rack, auto parts stores, tools, car cleaning gear, a mechanic's wheeled chair, a creeper, a 10x10 canopy, and other goodies.

Each class winner received a club jacket with their name embroidered on it, and a cool trophy like the ones in this photo above. For classes with enough drivers entered, there were also trophies for 2nd place. For the overall club championship, there was the cool first place piston trophy, and each of the top 10 overall drivers also received recognition.

People, Food, Car Stuff!

Also, thanks to the Military Aviation Museum. If you're in the VA Beach area, I'd recommend this as a great place to stop and see some fascinating WWII aircraft from not only the US, but also Russia, Germany, and Japan. Here's a Messerschmidt three wheeled car too. Maybe we could get the museum to let us autocross their cars some time!

Thanks for following along with the NMS team, happy holidays, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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