Thursday, December 8, 2016

Auto Auction Results

Recently we previewed a hunka-hunka abandoned cars, and now we're going to add up the score and see how close we got on our estimated sale prices. It was a nice sunny day at lunch time, and here's what these fine fine automobiles sold for at auction!

2003 Nissan Titan

Estimate: Sells for $2,000

Sold: $5,500

Off by over 100%, so we start off our guessing game at 0-1.

Hope to do better! 

2005 VW Jetta

Estimate: Let's go with $850

Sold: $1,700

Hmmm, off by EXACTLY 100%, so not much better. Maybe I should have actually looked at the cars before the auction!

Now 0-2, a perfect record! 

1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Estimate: $200

Sold: $325

Less than 100% off, or only $125 in real money. Given that I'm 0-2, I'm giving myself a win on this one!


1998 Saturn SL

Estimate: Maybe $300

Sold: $450

See previous remarks, kinda in the ballpark, let's make it 2-2. 

2003 Pontiac Grand Am

Estimate: $250, not so hot.

Sold: $800

I have no excuse on this one, maybe there is a rule that red cars sell for more because people like red cars. Wrong on this one, so 2-3. 
1992 Mitsubishi 3000 GT

Estimate: Another $300 special.

Sold: $150

Man, I was UNDER for the first time, and by 50%, so that has to count as a loss.

2-4, still not in the winning percentages at all.

2007 Ford 500

Estimate: $1,800

Sold: $750

OK, I'm having a bad day at guessing prices, and this car was in good shape on the outside. 
Wrong again, not looking good. 

1998 Chevy S10

Estimate: $275

Sold: $500

Can't catch a break, another loser, so 2-6.
I'm going to need a miracle to turn this losing streak around. Good thing I didn't sign up to bid on anything today! 2-6 
2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Estimate: $1500

Sold: $1,500

Now up to 3 right, 6 wrong, 3-6.

1990 Chevy Impala

Estimate: Go Big or go Home: $2,000

Sold: $2,050


4-6, "so you're sayin' there's a chance?"
1988 Plymouth Sundance

Estimate: $300
 Sold: $100

See, my estimate was only off by $200, which, compared to the Gross Domestic INcome of the entire world is VERY small, so maybe this was a pretty good guess. However, I'm going to be tough and fair on this one, and say that 300% is not close. Now down to 4-7 

1995 Ford F250

Estimate: $1,750

Sold: $300

Terrible estimate on this truck, I should quit playing this game. 


1996 Acura Integra

Estimate: No Sale
Sold: $10


Close enough to victory for me!

Up to 5-8, moving in the right direction!   

2003 Dodge Ram

Estimate: $4,500
Sold: $350

See, I thought it was an awesome big honkin' truck, but maybe it was missing the motor or some other MINOR DETAIL that I failed to inspect. Way off, 5-9, no soup for you! 

1995 Jeep Cherokee

Estimate: $300
Sold: $350

OK, only off by 50 bucks, I'll take that as a win. 6-9, hey, that makes me bowl eligible if I was in college football!
1993 Geo Storm

Estimate: No Sale
Sold: $25

Second lowest price paid on the day, but it sold. I was only off by $25, so I'll take a freebie on this one and count it as a win. 

7-10, maybe the sun is going to shine on me and I'll get up to .500 on the day.   

1994 Ford F150

Estimate: GO BIG: $4,000
Sold: $1,800

It went big, but just not big enough for my estimate. Rats. 

7-11, convenience store time! 

1979 Ford F150

Estimate: $4,000

Sold: $2,500

A little better than the previous big honkin' truck, but not big enough again. 


1988 Mercury Cougar

Estimate: Uhhhh, no idea: $500
Sale: $1,400

Turns out that this car was in good shape, and apparently there are people that don't mind driving a big old car from the 80s out there. 

Loser. 7-13 
2007 Saturn Ion

Estimate: $400
Sold $1,350

I was there and saw and heard it myself, this car must have been in OK shape, it sold for way more than I guessed. Maybe I just don't like Saturns. 7-14, sounds like a football score, and I'm on the losing end. Need a quick touchdown to tie this up. 

2002 Nissan Pathfinder

Estimate: $125
Sold: $250

Off by only 125, or 100%, so I'll say a tie, could go either way. 

7-14-1, no overtimes. 

2003 Ford Taurus

Estimate: $600
Sold: $1,400

Loser, way off, better luck next time. 


1998 Cadillac DeVille

Estimate: $800
Sold: $150

One of three similar Cadillacs sold today, no further comment you honor!


2003 Chevrolet S10

Estimate: No sale
Sold: $850

Man, this is not my day, way off again, losing record. I'm glad the next auction isn't for 3 more months!


2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

Estimate: $200 for scrap
Sold: $400

Maybe I'm being too tough on myself, what's another 200 dollars among friends for a yellow car? Loser.  7-18-1 

2000  Honda Civic

Estimate: $400
Sold: $500




1996 Acura TL

Estimate:  $1,400
Sold: $550

Nothing to see here, loser on the Acura.

2011 Toyota Yaris
I predicted that "Other than the big honkin' trucks in this auction, this one might be the highest priced seller, because it certainly looked to be in the best shape."

Estimate:  $4,000
Sold: $5,900

TOTALLY NAILED IT! Highest priced vehicle sold today!  9-19-1

1997 Saab 900

Estimate: No Sale = Three in a row.

Sold: $25

Only off by 25 bucks, I'm going for the WIN on this one!


2004 Cadillac DeVille

Estimate: $3,000

2004 Cadillac DeVille

Estimate: $3,000

Sold: $300

You can tell that I must have meant to write 300 in my estimate instead of 3,000! OK, just kidding, off by a LOT!


1988 Nissan 300ZX
Maybe you need a parts car for your 88 Z collection?

Estimate: $500
Sold: $75

Yes, I got the "parts car" part correct, but way off on the price here. Oh well. 
10-21-1, those numbers are almost the same forwards and backwards. 
1997 Toyota Corolla

Estimate: $4,000

Sold: $425

I was thinking this car was in good shape, but missed the boat completely. Good thing guessing car prices isn't my day job. 

2000 Cadillac DeVille

Estimate: $2,100
Sold: $400

This is a nightmare!
Bad news bears!
Terrible, Ivan!


2002 Mazda B3000 Pick Up Truck!
Estimate: No sale.
Sold: $150

It is rare that a vehicle doesn't sell at this auction, so I should have at least guessed 50 dollars and could have counted this as a win. 

Let's call it a bad day at auction world, but it was fun to watch the bidding, listen to the auctioneer, and see what these cars and trucks brought with real dollars. The best I did today was way back when I started out 2-2. Shoulda quit then!

Final tally on the day: 10-24-1

Thanks for playing our game.  

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