Saturday, December 3, 2016

NMS Press Release: Open Seat With Mercedes Formula 1 Team

From their International Headquarters in Columbia SC, the NMS team announced today that they officially had "no comment" on whether one of the NMS drivers was negotiating with Mercedes-Petronas to replace F1 world champion Nico Rosberg in 2017. Just last Sunday Rosberg wrapped up the title in the final race of the year, but then unexpectedly announced yesterday that he was retiring effective immediately!

While this opening at Mercedes has left the entire racing world turned upside down, none of the NMS drivers have been seen in public lately, which leads to further speculation that they might be in Germany holding contract talks with Mercedes. On the other hand, they might be in Switzerland, because the Sauber F1 team based there has yet to finalize their driving seats for next year. Sauber has  one driver position still unfilled. On the other, other hand, the Manor team in England has not announced their drivers for 2017, so maybe the NMS drivers are in England holding meetings with Manor. Let's take a look at where the NMS drivers might end up:

NMS Driver Brian Nixon: Mercedes Bound in 2017?
None of the NMS drivers were available for comment at this extremely short press conference, with Brian Nixon claiming he was "working from home" on Fridays. According to his bio, Brian spent some time living in Germany, and the Mercedes team and company is based in the same country, so we see Nixon moving to Mercedes in 2017!

Jason Rucker (left): Headed for Sauber?
NMS Fastest Driver Ever Jason Rucker has not NOT been spotted in Germany, not been spotted in England, and also not spotted in Switzerland, so some sources say that he is the lead candidate for one of the remaining seats in F1. Does he like Swiss Cheese? Does he drink the Swiss Miss hot chocolate? Our prediction: Rucker drives for Swiss team Sauber in 2017. 

Robert Nixon: Will he Drive for the Manor Team?

Robert Nixon was allegedly driving laps at Virginia International Raceway when last spotted on Facebook, which might be just a clever scheme to get in some driving practice, which he needs! Given  his claim of "English" as his primary language, we feel that we'll see him driving for Manor next year in F1.   

Regardless, the F1 season will kick off again in March from Australia, so we'll have to look for further developments as this story develops. 

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