Monday, December 12, 2016

NMS 2016 Gift Giving Guide

I'll bet you're looking for gift ideas for that auto enthusiast friend of yours, aren't you? Well, buckle up and hold on, here we go with the NMS 2016 Holiday Gift Giving Guide! (HG3 if you love acronyms)

--You need a coffee mug that tells the world you're a race fan, or maybe just to hold coffee in! How about a Ferrari mug for 9 bucks? Ferrari Mug

WARNING: these F1 mugs ship from Great Britain, so check on how much the shipping costs before confirming it's a great deal!

DOUBLE WARNING: The mug for 9 bucks was such a good deal that it's sold out, sorry!
I also had a link to a McLaren F1 team mug for 3 bucks, but guess what? Sold out.

--The Snap On Tools paper catalog. It's only 5 bucks: Snap On

--A Hoosier racing tire hat, and it's PURPLE! It's only 5 bucks: Hoosier Tires Hat

--Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities. This is a book/catalog of tools and really cool stuff. We have one at home, and you need one too! You can find it here on Amazon:  Cool Tools
It really is a cool book, and worth the 26 dollars or so, but

HINT: You can buy just about any book on Amazon USED, so the Cool Tools book can probably be found for about 8 dollars with shipping if you don't mind reading words that someone else might have already seen!

--Books: Our best tip is to go to and search for any topic in the books section. You'll probably find something you might be interested in, and of course books come in hardback or paperback. Here's the tip though, on Amazon you can almost always find USED books, and a lot of cool car racing books can be found that are used for 99 cents. Even if you have to pay about 4 bucks for shipping, it's a good deal if you like to read.

--If you're STILL really stuck on getting a car fan something they'd like, find your nearest Harbor Freight Tool store, and see what they are giving away in their little advertisements. At a minimum they'll have some other little doodad like a free tape measure if you buy ANYTHING, so just buy the cheapest thing they have and you'll get another thingy or two. FREE!

--For just about anyone, how about a flashlight (with working batteries please) to stick in their car. Maybe a safety kit for the car, a basic first aid kit and/or warning triangle and flares for safety in case you break down in the dark. A plain old can of tire sealant goop might be a life saver some time, just throw it in the car. Or, you could cover all the safety stuff I'm hinting at and get your favorite driver a membership in the American Automobile Association (AAA).

As a special bonus, here's a link to another article that lists car gifts that the author doesn't want: 10-automotive-gifts-we-dont-want

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