Monday, October 17, 2016

Virginia Autocross Report for October

Tony Mester: A Man and his Mazda!
At the AUTOCROSS CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, AKA Pungo Virginia, the NMS Abarth returned to action with the TSCC on Sunday and in a field of 74 drivers managed to...


..wait a minute. That car does not look like a red FIAT....
2nd in STF, 10th in PAX

The NMS Abarth managed to sit still all day and watch as I got to co-drive Tony Mester's awesome Mazda 2 (AKA: SLO-DOS) in the STF class. Big thanks to Tony for sharing his car with me, I had a total blast on the autocross course with 4 runs with his great handling car, and managed to take 10th overall out of 74 drivers! This was my best ever PAX performance, so man that was fun! Before you start thinking I was really fast or anything, Tony took 8th overall, so he wins the Mazda 2 showdown and takes 1st place in STF class on the day.

Over in the G Street class, well, there wasn't anyone driving today, so since I'd wrapped up the GS title for the year, my focus has been on overall placing in the club.  So maybe the FIAT wasn't the fastest Italian car of the day...on the other hand, no other Italians drove either! With 10th on the day in the Mazda, my estimate is that this puts me in good shape to stay in the top 20 for the year, with only one more event to go.

Here's my video:

In case you missed all those capital letters in the first sentence above, Pungo is not really the center of the autocross universe, but they do host a lot of events there every year on a fairly small bit of concrete. The fun part of this weekend was to not only drive on Sunday, but to also help out on Saturday with getting the weeds trimmed and course cleaned up from hurricane Matthew and all the flooding it brought to our area. With the mighty Mazda this course was pretty much on the gas just about all the time, and with the suspension making it possible to rotate the car into every corner, it was a lot more gas pedal time than I'm used to in the gigantic FIAT! And YOU thought you'd never see the words "gigantic" and "FIAT" in the same sentence!

Thanks to the Tech volunteers!

On pure raw time, I placed 23rd out of 74 drivers, so again my best performance ever, not counting all those victories I have on the Formula 1 computer game, and of course Tony was faster than me in raw time too! Right now Tony is in 5th for the club championship, and he's just over 1 point behind Steve Fehr in his Porsche Boxster. You can find all the current standings at the TSCC link: TSCC Points.

For all the photos from Pungo, check out my photo album on Facebook: OCT 16 CAR SHOTS

Camaro vs. Mustang

Mustang vs. Camaro

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