Friday, October 14, 2016

It's JAGUAR Time Again!

Brian: Jaguar F Type
A couple of years ago (actually it was a very long time ago, way before we even had this blog, way back in 2013) the NMS team attended the Jaguar Drive Alive event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Coming up later this month, the Jaguar folks are back with a similar event, this time titled The Art of Performance. This event will be held over three days up near Washington DC at the Dulles Expo Center, Friday October 28 thru Sunday October 30. To be honest, that's really in Virginia, where Dulles International Airport is located, but that's still in the Washington DC area.
Yeah, it's a nice car!

If you attend, you'll be given the chance to drive various models of fine Jaguar automobiles, so if you've never done so, this is your chance! When we drove them in Charlotte the Jaguar folks kept telling us to drive faster, brake harder, and then they told us to REALLY DRIVE FASTER! I mean seriously, how often do you hop in someone else's brand new $75,000 car and they beg you to drive it like you stole it? Maybe if you are a professional car tester-outer for a big magazine or TV show, but the rest of us don't do that every day.

Brian: Just shopping
The Drive Alive event had several short bits of driving, and we enjoyed them all. First was the road test, just cruising around on normal roads for a mile or two to get the feel of the Jaguars. Then we jumped in another Jaguar and did a couple laps of their autocross circuit like in the photo below with the big JAGUAR sign. Then another hop into another Jaguar for the straight-ahead-floor-it-I-MEAN- FLOOR-IT and then REALLY BRAKE HARD test. Whew! After that, we also did a short all-terrain test to get the feel of the awesome all wheel drive and other stability controls that were incredible at helping us drive on wet, on sandy, up and down hills, and even braking while keeping the car totally under control. The entire experience was first class, complete with dozens of new Jaguars for people to drive, a nice display of other Jaguar cars, food, drinks, etc.

JAGUAR sign on the autocross
If you want to sign up (and we very highly recommend you do), then go to this link: JAGUAR DC Art of Performance

JAGUAR thinks of everything!

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