Saturday, October 22, 2016

Car Crazy in Tidewater

Car Crazy and Chesapeake Bay = Tidewater Region

One advantage of living in a city with a large population is that it's much more likely that you can find other car fanatics, racing fans, drivers, car dealers, car meets, etc. Exhibit one your honor, is the following link simply titled:

                   Car Crazy in Tidewater

This blog rounds up a big list of all the car meets, shows, events, and anything with the word "car" in it from all around what we call the Tidewater area. This includes not only Virginia Beach and Norfolk, but also Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and goes all the way up I-64 to Williamsburg and Yorktown. Put another way, there are a LOT of people around here! While that might sound bad, or make you think that there is nothing but traffic here, that's only part of the story.

I'd also like to make a short rant about the Internet! Some of the websites I support, and others I've learned about in marketing classes, really push the concept that you want visitors to your website to STAY THERE!  Here at NMS, this website isn't making us money or anything, so by giving you links and writing about car events, we're pretty much trying to drive you away so that you can learn more, have more fun, and experience more with YOUR car. Rant complete. We now return to our regularly scheduled NMS Blog.
Car Crazy Citroen!

For various reasons, the population density here is nothing like New York or Chicago, so things are spread out all over the region. As far as I'm concerned the traffic isn't all that bad, but that's compared to some other places I've lived like Washington DC. I'll take the traffic here just about anytime over that place!
Car Crazy Corvette!

There is one part of the local traffic that is bad, and that is the fact that getting around sometimes means you have to go over a bridge, or through an underwater tunnel, which also means you are driving on one of the two lane (in each direction) bridge-tunnels. If you're not familiar with this particular little invention, stop by my house sometime and I'll explain it to you. Sometimes the traffic on the bridge-tunnels just has no place to go and yes we get traffic jams. Let's face it, if you enjoy driving a car in the USA, at some time or another you'll hit a traffic jam if you go near any big cities, and even when there's an accident in the middle of nowhere too.

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