Monday, October 10, 2016

Important Election News! Here's Who I'm Endorsing!

ATTENTION AMERICA! Coming up soon is probably the most important vote of your life! You've probably heard about it on the TV, on the Internet, maybe watched some of the debates so far, and had some conversations with your friends. This important election has been on the news pretty much non-stop lately, and it's been all over the Internet too!

Well, let me just get down to business and tell you who I'm endorsing, and ask for YOUR vote also. 

2017 FIAT 124 Spider

In the election for BEST LOOKING NEW CAR OF 2017, NMS-North is endorsing the FIAT 124 SPIDER!

FIAT 124 Spider

This election is sponsored by The Car Connection in their Driver's Choice Awards. 

Feel free to vote. Go back to the website and vote every day! As they used to say in the early days of America with the rigged elections, "VOTE EARLY, and VOTE OFTEN"!

FIAT 124 Spider

Drivers Choice

FIAT 124 Spider

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