Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Superheros of Autocross: TECH-MAN!

Sure, the other super-heroes of autocross (like Corner Captain, Trailer Timer-Guy, Starter Dude, and GRID-GIRL) get a lot of attention, but everyone knows that TECH-MAN holds far more power than any of those other characters. While Corner Captain can wave his Red Flag of Instantaneous Stoppage, and Trailer Timer-Guy can magically add six cones to your best run time and ruin your day, only TECH-MAN can stop your from even going to the grid, much less starting the autocross.

ONLY TECH-MAN, with his mechanical mind for minutia can maneuver his minions to inspect, inject, and instigate your ignition.


ONLY TECH-MAN, with the eerily exacting eyes can see your silly string-shrouded tie-down straps that couldn't hold a battery in place if your beater-mobile was on the heavy gravity surface of the sun.


ONLY TECH-MAN, with his superior sniffing super-sensing schnoz could possibly detect that your bone dry master brake cylinder just might not be able to stop your car safely when you brake hard going into that big sweeper for the 20th time in one day.

Yes, we all owe a big thanks to TECH-MAN for keeping us all just a little bit safer, happier, and faster!          
                 THANK YOU TECH-MAN!!

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