Thursday, April 21, 2016

NMS Introduces New Driver!

Artist's Rendering #277 GSN

From their secret driver training academy somewhere in Virginia Beach (that would be the one in the state of Virginia), the NMS-North team announced today that they have signed Michael Moore to an exclusive contract to drive the #277 FIAT Abarth in the Novice class at the next Tidewater Sports Car Club autocross. Anonymous sources tell us that the #277 car looks a LOT like the NMS #77 car, but with what looks to be a hastily scrawled numeral two in front of the 77 and a letter "N" for Novice written with some type of painter's tape.

For his first autocross, Moore will be piloting the Italian car in the Novice GS class, which will provide the team's technical department with double the amount of performance data to analyze on how the car performs when driven by different drivers. When asked what impact this would have on the car itself, the NMS chief technical director stated that he believes "well, uh, mostly that means we will go through more fuel and tires, since it will be twice as much driving." When asked to provide greater detail to our faithful readers and fans, he stated "I reckon we'll be bringing another chair to sit on in the paddock, and might throw a few more water bottles in the cooler." This comment was followed with some incoherent mumbling that sounded like "Rxplefft....dumb reporters".

The next event will be held at the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research in Garysburg NC, and the non-members Novice class registration currently looks like this:
210Johnson, ChrisD Street Prepared2003Volkswagen 20th Anny GTINorfolk, VA 
277Moore, MichaelG Street 2013Fiat AbarthNorfolk, VA
311Patchin, AlexanderB Street 2003Mercedes-Benz SLK32 AMGVirginia Beach, VA 
313Patchin, DavidSuper Street Modified 2002Mercedes-Benz CLK 55 AMGVirginia Beach, VA
You can find more information on this facility at this link: NCCAR LINK

The NCCAR Facebook page is at: NCCAR FB LINK

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