Saturday, April 2, 2016

APRIL: Autocross Always Amazes All Abarths!

Factory Five Roadster
We hope you enjoyed our APRIL FIRST press release about buying out the Ferrari company! Now back to autocross!

Factory Five 818

Tomorrow the Old Dominion Region of the Sports Car Club of America will be starting their 2016 autocross season at Pungo Virginia, so let's get those motors running! You can find a link to the club over on the right hand of our blog page.

As we're checking the car over to get prepped for this event, here's a quick look at drivers and cars that are pre-registered. If YOU want to get in on the action, you can still come on out to Pungo on Sunday and get registered to drive! You only need three things:  a car that runs, to pay the fee, and a helmet... the ODR folks will even loan you a helmet to get started having fun behind the wheel! Hey how about that, you only need two things!

1958 Morgan

If you check out this list, you'll see a wide variety of cars, and some very cool cars indeed, such as a 66 Austin Mini, 73 Datsun 240Z CTRL Z LINK, 66 Plymouth Barracuda, and a couple of very awesome Morgans! Throw in a 73 Porsche 914 and a pair of Factory Five cars (a Cobra and an 818 model) and you're guaranteed to have a fun day!

I'll be driving my FIAT Abarth in the GS class, and so far there is one other car in the class, a 2014 VW GTI. I already know that the GTI has more horsepower, so this should be an interesting competition!

 Car Number  Driver Name    Car Make and Model  Class  
1  Nate Dozier   1996 Mazda Miata  DSP
2  Mitchell Galles   2008 Mini Cooper S  STXN
3  Cory Lickey   2013 Scion FRS  CSP
4  Marc Lisner   1974 Porsche Slantnose  FP
6  Ed Langevin   1990 Mazda Miata  CSPX
9  Mark Spencer   2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe  STU
16  Russ Parham   1994 Mazda Miata  STS
19  Mark Obriant   2003 Honda S2000  BS
68  Ben Moore   1966 Plymouth Barracuda  CAMT
11  Jason Lisner  1999 Chevy Corvette FRC  XP
21  Paul Obriant   2003 Honda S2000  BS
23  Steven Carr   1973 Datsun 240z  HCS
27  Melissa Fehr   2010 Porsche Boxster S  SS
29  Roland Wallner   1994 Mazda Miata  ES
31  Alexander Patchin   2003 Mercedes SLK32 AMG  BSN
33  Ashton Shaffer   2002 Volkswagen GTI  DSPN
38  Jared Church   2012 Mazda Mazdaspeed 3  DSPN
41  Israel Velez   1991 Mazda Miata  STSN
42  Thom Perry   2006 Porsche Boxster S  AS
47  John Sheally   1971 Morgan Plus-8  FP
55  David Crusoe   2004 Honda S2000  STR
58  Winston Viloria   1966 Austin Mini  FSP
60  Bobby Smith   1973 Porsche 914  SSM
61  Jeff Rooney  2004 Honda S2000  BS
73  Richard Lipsky   1958 Morgan Roadster  FP
173  Jake Morris   1958 Morgan Roadster  FP
71  Ian Hutchcraft  2003 Mazda Miata  ES
76  Anthony Mester   2011 Mazda 2  STF
77  Robert Nixon   2013 FIAT Abarth  GS
84  Mark Houchins  1965 FFR Cobra  XP
87  Steve Fehr   2010 Porsche Boxster S  SS
94  Keith Kasmire   1997 BMW 328i  STX
99  Tyler Bennett   2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI  FSPN
105  John Henderson   2014 Volkswagen GTI  GS
159  Katie Roberts   2001 Mazda Miata  STR
199  Chris Miller   2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI  FSPN
818  Greg Warden   2015 FFR 818 Sports Car  XP

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