Monday, October 19, 2015

Yesterday's Results, Victory!


Over 100 drivers competed in auto-cross yesterday in Virginia, and some of them were victorious in the different classes, in RAW time, and in modified PAX time. You can find the link to all results at the bottom of this blog post, but for the NMS squad, the Victor was Brian Nixon in the Fiesta ST. Brian clearly set a faster time than Robert, so he's our NMS Driver of the Day.

Course walk before driving, all smiles!

It was a chilly day with temperatures in the upper 40s when we drove in the morning, and the breeze coming off the water made things even chillier. After four runs on a really fun course, the bottom line was that the mighty NMS FIAT took another first in GS class, while Brian's Fiesta took 4th out of 5 drivers in HS class.

Fuel stop before driving
In the overall results, Brian took a solid 23rd place out of 104 drivers, so clearly in the top 25%! Robert was way back with 72nd place out of 104, so nothing to write home about on that one! When interviewed after the event, the FIAT driver pointed out that he was driving on his regular slower  street tires, it was cold, the sun was in his eyes, he forgot to turn off the ESC control in his car on every run, and about 10 other reasons for going so slowly.

When informed of his team mates reply, Brian stated that "the only thing that matters is how fast you go, and my car went faster than his", so we'll leave it at that until the next event!

Can you spot the slightly battle damaged cone?
Thanks again to the Tidewaters Sports Car Club for putting on a great event! We've enjoyed driving with them for a full year now, and look forward to November's year ending event at Pungo! You can learn more about TSCC at their website: TSCC LINK

NMS South-winner of the NMS showdown!

The full results from yesterday's auto-cross are at this link: TSCC October 18 2015 LINK

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